From the orchid of vanilla native to Papantla, Veracruz in Mexico (designation of origin), we Obtain this exquisite and ancient elixir worthy of gods.

Properties of Orchid:
-Relaxation natural
Preparation: natural extraction of the orchid, fusion with spirit drink and sweetened with brown sugar.

As a legacy of our ancestral Mayan and Olmec cultures, we have created this bitter chocolate liqueur (native to Tabasco, Mexico) with all those quality characteristics of this product.

Origin of the grain:
Comalcalco, Tabasco Mexico.

Properties of the grain:
-Produces Serotonin

Natural bitter chocolate fused
with spirits and sweetened with brown sugar

We obtain from the almond this peculiar liqueur abundant in vitamins minerals and protein. Turns out to be a unique experience to the palate. Enjoy it!!

Origin of the almond: -Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.
Properties of the almond: - Proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins E and B, minerals, iron and calcium.
Preparation: -Extraction of the grain (natural essence) is mixed with spirit drink and brown sugar.

From the mystical agave plant, we extract the honey to create this unique liquor for its distinctive aroma and flavour.

Is on the coast of Jalisco, Mexico; where we find the optimum blueberry for the elaboration of this extravagant liqueur rich in nutrients and excellent flavor.

From the aphrodisiac Damiana plant of Southern Baja California, Mexico, we extract a delicious and aromatic flavor that is an excellent digestive, when you drink it. It hits your tongue with herbal notes.